Empire sofa mahogany and gilded bronzes

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An Empire sofa belonging to the period of Napoleon III, is the perfect piece of furniture for an exceptional decoration of your living room.

Napoleon style sofa 2 places

The Empire style sofa is an exceptional piece of furniture that can bring a classic touch to your living room, like that of the model adopted by Napoleon III. The baroque empire design that you want to add to your reception room is unique thanks to its medieval sculpture. With a mahogany frame, this sofa is exclusively designed to personally adorn your living room. Indeed, the tanned touch magnifying mahogany and amboine offers an atypical decoration to your sign. In addition, the seat of the sofa produces an incomparable softness as it is exclusively covered with satin fabric. In addition, the sewn patterns inevitably reflect the empire furniture model thanks to the sparkle wonders they shine every time.

The rectangular back of the seat is also decorated with the same fabric, offering an inalienable comfort and so soft that you do not even imagine it. To emphasize the empire style in your interior, the sofa is mostly decorated with a gilded bronze decoration. In all, the sofa can be perfectly combined with a chair of the same style to fully adopt the empire style to your home.

Length: 110 cm - Depth: 66 cm - Height: 113 cm.

Seat height: 52 cm.

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