Buffet Louis XV

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Buffet Louis XV

Buffet Louis XV opening by two doors and a central drawer, decorated by a fine decoration of flowers and foliage.

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Buffet Louis XV

Louis XV buffet in marquetry of purple wood, frontage and bent sides, decorated of bronze gilded.

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Louis XV buffet

Buffet Louis XV marquetry of rosewood, mahogany and topped with an almond and green jig adorned with gilt bronze.

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Inlaid with precious and exotic wood, a Louis XV buffet from our furniture store is a faithful replica of the furniture of this period.

The fabrications and elements of the furniture used are the same as in the past, with golden bronze ornamentations, marble trays, and structures made of solid wood. The finishes and varnishes are hand-made. Louis XV style furniture developed mainly in the second quarter of the 18th century (from 1723 to 1750). It is already identified in the Regency period and is prolonged in the following. It corresponds only approximately with the long reign of Louis XV, said the "Beloved," born at Versailles on 15 February 1710 and died on 10 May 1774.

To accompany your Louis XV buffet, you will find in our shop a wide choice of reproductions of antiques.

Buffet Louis XV
Buffet Louis XV