The Three Graces - Bronze Statue

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Bronze statue of the Three Graces, goddesses Greek.

Bronze sculpture made ​​by the lost wax on a black marble base.

Height: 20 cm - Width: 10 cm - Depth: 7 cm

Weight: 2 kgs

Symbolic of Grace:

Euphrosyne joy is pushed to its summit, Joy, the exhilaration one feels in a banquet (as the eternal banquet of the gods which men participated in the beginning of the story of the Theogony); Thalia is the personification of Abundance or overabundance, overflow of life, which is like a lavish gift; Aglaia is beauty in its most dazzling splendor.

It is the youngest and password according to Hesiod the wife of Hephaestus in place of Aphrodite. Finally, Aglaya is the messenger of Aphrodite. Like all gods and goddesses, they are forever young and beautiful, at the age that the Greeks considered one of fullness, between fifteen and twenty years.

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