The baroque style and its history

The Baroque style

The Baroque style

Baroque armchair can have very different variations and can give a modern or old style as usual will be dedicated to him.

To help you in your choices and fully appreciate your chair, here are a few lines in the history of this style so different.

The term comes from the Portuguese word baroque barroco, while other styles have taken their names of kings or emperors came word baroque art critics.

The baroque appears in the sixteenth century in Italy and is growing rapidly in Europe, it is an art which spread to many artistic fields; music, architecture, painting and sculpture.

Baroque architecture is very present in particular in Spain or Madrid is beautiful Baroque monuments.

In the seventeenth Baroque art is a predominant, its success was encouraged by the Catholic Church, by carrying out many ornamental sculptures for these churches, giving his works a voluptuous and impressive touch.

The baroque chairs are the perfect picture of what style we can put at home, in a store, a party place, his theatrical sculpture gives originality to this style that has survived the centuries and inspired the greatest artists.

Baroque armchair will serve as throne often used in weddings, movies, game shows, color, gilding, lacquer and selected fabrics allow multiple use in places as well extravagant for a modern effect Flashi or discrete by darker colors for a comfortable interior.

Each baroque armchair reflect these colors or style personality of its owner or the company that used both for marketing purposes than pleasure.

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