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Originally (according to Pausanias), they were three: Chanter (the "song", the "voice"), Melete ("meditation") and Mneme ("memory"). Together, they represent the prerequisites of poetic art in the practice of worship. At Delphi, they are named after the first three strings of a lyre: Acute (Nété), median (Mese) and Grave (Hypatia). Cicero has four: Thelxinoé, Chanter, arches and Melete. Tradition attributed to them two residences: one on Mount Parnassus, the other on Helicon. It was Plato (in Ion) to 401 BC. AD, and the Neoplatonists, who make the nine Muses mediators between the god and the poet or the intellectual creator. This conception of art (the poet is possessed by the god transition) was later challenged by the classicism of Nicolas Boileau, the movement of the Art for Art, and praised the effort of Paul Valery .


Bronze statue manufactured to the lost wax, real marble base

Height: 36 cm - Width: 12 cm - Depth: 12 cm

Weight: 3,8 kgs

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