Bronze statue of a mermaid - two bronze patina

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A mermaid is a mythological creature hybrid: half woman and half bird (ancient tradition) or half woman and half fish (medieval tradition). According to the Homeric tradition, the sirens are gods of the sea who stay at the entrance of the Strait of Messina in Sicily. musician with exceptional talent, they seduced sailors who, attracted by the magic accents, their lyres and flutes lost the sense of direction, smashing their boats on the reefs where they were devoured by those enchanting. they are described in the twelfth song of the odyssey as lying in the grass along the shore surrounded by "piles of bones and flesh withered men they have destroyed."

Bronze statue manufactured to the lost wax, real marble base

Height: 31 cm - width: 17 cm - depth: 13 cm

Weight: 1.5 kgs

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