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In a decidedly chic and respectful of pure French tradition of woodworking, our furniture models and especially Louis XVI Louis XV armchairs and enchant lovers of the era of the 18th century.

Indeed, in their typical style and quality of manufacture, our range of classic style chairs was able to reconcile tradition with modernity to meet all tastes in furniture. Finally, connoisseurs and lovers of Louis XV and Louis XVI style will appreciate the quality of our chairs, but also their very respectable price for top quality. For example, our range of Louis XV style armchairs whose wealth of the range will remind the history buffs "bulimia" the young King Louis XV and his wife for the art and craft in all its forms and especially for decoration.

For example, our model Louis XV armchair in solid beech wood assembled according to old manufacturing techniques and adorned with a finely woven tapestry of floral patterns.

For the adventurous and followers of the mix of styles, our range also offers a Louis XV style lined with multicolored fabric reconciling modernity and manufacturing authenticity. A second model, manufactured on the same basis, is provided with a Black and White tapestry. On a more discreet style, you will definitely enjoy our white Louis XV armchair upholstered in natural linen white, too, made from a solid beech wood. Finally, for fans of basket dresses, our range of Louis XV chair also offers a shepherdess model satin beech.

Our model armchair Louis XVI called Medallion: Made of solid beech wood which gives it a rock solid, its foundation and its record medallion are both covered with a satin tapestry that is perfectly consistent with the lacquer off-white tone giving it an authentic look. In addition to its style, seat height of 55 centimeters of this Louis XVI chair gives it a real ease of use in everyday life. As the armchair model Louis XVI called baroque and lined synthetic leather making it more modern in appearance but still robust in its design. It is easy to recognize the Countess du Barry borrows and his taste for Greco-Roman style columns of Herculaneum and Pompeii ...

Louis XVI armchair - Learn more
Louis XVI armchair - Learn more Louis XVI armchair - Learn more