Manufacturing of Tiffany lamps

Manufacturing of Tiffany lamps Manufacturing of Tiffany lamps
Manufacturing of Tiffany lamps

Where are the Tiffany lamps made?

To our knowledge there is no Tiffany lighting factory in Europe, the cost of labor in the European Union would not sell a Tiffany lamp under five hundred euros or several thousand euros for the most complicated models is why our Tiffany lamps are made in China according to the method of Louis Comfort Tiffany.

In 1902, Louis Comfort Tiffany's company offered more than 300 lamp models, a mass production mode was installed, in order to produce in large quantities our factory in China applies the same manufacturing methods.

Whereas an old original Tiffany lamp can sell several hundred thousand euros (in 1985 a lamp is sold at auction for US $ 528,000), the price of a reproduction is an average of 100 to 200 €.

The stained glass windows are hand-made, the factory employs specially trained employees for the manufacture and assembly of hand-made glasses according to the method of Louis Comfort Tiffany, we follow and demand a perfect manufacturing finish.

The most elaborate stained-glass windows require hundreds of hours of work, a Tiffany lamp consists of several hundred pieces of stained glass, the pieces are set by a ribbon of copper assembled and then soldered with tin.

Below are some steps in the manufacture of the Tiffany lignthing, until loading in our containers.



samples of the verres.JPG

Pallets various artisanal glasses used for the realization of a luminary or a Tiffany lamp


Overall picture of the manufacture of reproductions of Tiffany luminaries


blue glass for Tiffany.JPG lamp

Plate glass hammered and folded blue


cut out glass of the lampes.JPG

Cut out glasses of the stained glasses 


Working of glass 


Polishing of glass


Setting of the stained glass, each part is crimped of a copper ribbon


Working of the stained glass


Welding with tin, the most delicate part, the Tiffany lamp takes form


Checking of the assembly, of the completion, then electric system the lamp is tested.

Lamp Tiffany dragonflies

Tiffany lamp finished


The luminaries are packed in paperboards to measure



Preparation and packing in paperboards to measure and shock-proof for the loading in our containers.

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