The art deco furniture

The art deco furniture

The art deco furniture begins around 1920 after the great war of 1914 to 1918. The cities particularly affected French had to be rebuilt, the need for furniture followed this reconstruction.

This revival is also a period or inventions which upset our modern world were born, the theory of relativity of Albert Einstein, the phone, the boom of l ' automobile...

The decorative art including Cubism as l ' often found in paintings and sculptures of Braque, Picasso starts a emphasize the traits of l ' art deco great architects like the corbusier were inspired by these sleek, art deco furniture accompanied these creations and completed them.

The art deco furniture Unlike art nouveau who opted instead for shapes corrugated often taking models of wildlife and flora, including Louis Majorelle painter, woodworker, architect followed shimmering curves rounded or folded in the case of flowers, trees..., l ' art-deco followed the geometric formats lines, sharp angles and curves some.

The Furniture art deco not forgot provided comfort, seats, armchairs or sofas are often coated and upholstered and on a search of well being the style furniture n ' had not yet been able to give. This type of furniture or creation was the work of visionary artists who wanted to invent an original style and out of the ordinary was in this time reserved for the nobility and the bourgeoisie, only the wealthiest could s offer this style created by the greatest artists art-deco as the creations of Emile Jacques Ruhlman, Brandt, Jean Dunand, Jules Leleu.

The art of decoration was at its peak in the years 1920 to 1930 but continued in the past including a strong revival in the 1950s and 1960s.

Today this craze for l ' art-deco is larger than ever, artists continue to use this style, the former art deco furniture and also extremely expensive, but good number of these creations now fallen into the public domain are reproduced with using methods of woodworking dating from the beginning of the century and using the same precious wood, which allows today from 200 € offer furniture worthy of a Museum for a small fee.

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