Louis XVI desk

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Cylinder desk Louis XVI style

The Cylinder Desk is an elegant style furniture, it has everything a great, and offers space saving for your rooms.

699.00 *
Delivery weight: 95 kg

New Charles X Elm Burl Desk

Charles X style desk in elm burl inlay on a beech wood frame.
539.00 *
1 items in stock
can be shipped within 6 days
Delivery weight: 81 kg

Bureau Louis XVI

Reproduction of a Louis XVI desk, its spectacular ornamentation of bronzes, sublimate your workspace.

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2 items in stock
can be shipped within 6 days
Delivery weight: 131 kg

Louis XVI desk

The flat Louis XVI desk offers a large working area, the storage is facilitated by five drawers in front.

469.00 *
Delivery weight: 65 kg

Louis XVI desk

Louis XVI desk flat rosewood marquetry on a solid beech frame, opening on its front with three drawers.

469.00 *
Delivery weight: 49 kg

Desk Louis XVI in palisander

Desk Louis XVI marquetry of palisander on a solid beech structure, opening in front by five dovetail drawers.

1,259.00 *
Delivery weight: 112 kg
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Louis XVI desk
Louis XVI desk

Each Louis XVI desk is made according to the rules of cabinetmaking of art; the frame is solid wood, assembled with the old mortise and tenons, enhanced by precious wood veneers.

The ornaments are gilt bronze, the above are the high quality faux leather with micro reliefs for perfect imitation.

Your Louis XVI desk will be delivered in one piece, no assembly is required, you can associate it with the furniture of Louis XVI style of our catalog for elegant decor.