Bronze sculpture of the goddess Hera

Bronze sculpture of the goddess Hera

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Bronze statue manufactured to the lost wax, real marble base - Height: 55 cm (without trident).

Width: 21 cm - depth: 15 cm

Weight: 9 kgs

Daughter of Cronos and Rhea, Hera (HRA) was the queen of heaven and Olympus. wife and sister of Zeus, she shared with him the dominion of the heavens. it is part of the twelve Olympians. it was identified with Juno by the Romans. Hera was born on the island of Samos, or, as some in argos. like all children of Cronus (except Zeus) Hera was swallowed by his father and then regurgitated.

In a version recorded by Hyginus, Hera was not swallowed by Cronus, but rather it was she who had saved and raised Zeus in secret. during the Titans it was brought up by ocean and Thethy or it would have been raised by temenos, son of Pelasgos in Arcadia, or by the hour, in Euboea, or by the daughters of the river Asterion, in Argolis. seasons were his nurses and she was raised in Arcadia by temenos.

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