Warrior - Reproduction bronze statues of Riace

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Bronze sculpture manufactured to the lost wax, real marble base - Height: 41 cm .

Width: 13 cm - depth: 10 cm

The warriors of Riace bronzes are two Greek bronze sculptures dating from the fifth century BC. AD (around 460 for the warrior to 430 A and B for the warrior) and kept at the National Museum of Reggio Calabria. A little larger than life (1.98 meters high and the warrior A, 1.97 meters for the Warrior B), they were discovered in 1972 off Riace, Calabria, probably at the scene of a shipwreck in Antiquity. They are among the very few Greek bronzes large still preserved in their entirety, with the Charioteer of Delphi and the god of Artemis. The two warriors are witnesses of the evolution taking place in the techniques of bronze from the late sixth century BC. AD : They are made using the technique of lost wax casting of negative technique that keeps the model and the mold, and get a more even thickness of bronze.

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