Pluton chaining Cerberus - Bronze Statue

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Bronze sculpture made ​​with lost wax, on a marble base for a true height of 32 cm (without the trident).

Width: 15.5 cm - Depth: 10.5 cm

Weight: 4.3 kgs

Pluton, Pluto in Latin, is a chthonic god of the Roman religion is "the one that enriches", similar to the Greek god Hades, "which makes it invisible." He is the god of the underworld. Also named Tertius, third son of the cult of Saturn was probably born of the belief in a god older, Dis Pater.

The pets his dog with three heads (Cerberus, guardian of the entrance of the Underworld) and four black horses whose names were fatal, according to Claudian, Latin poet of the fifth century Æthon, Alastor, and Nyctéus Orphnéus. In Greek mythology, Cerberus is the dog guarding the entrance of Hades. He thus prevented those from the Styx can escape.

As with most creatures from classical mythology, the description and context differ by Cerberus? Works, the main difference being the number of heads, usually three, but according to Hesiod or one hundred fifty in Horace.

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