Bronze Sculpture - The Griffon

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Grype or the griffin is a legendary creature found in many ancient cultures. it is imagined and represented with the body of an eagle (head, wings and talons) grafted onto the back of a lion (abdomen, legs and tail), equipped with horse ears and a tail of a serpent. variations with sometimes a griffin always keep the distinction of being recognized hiéracocéphale. the griffin may take different names, which vary in time. once, you could call it the sauveteur.certains paleontologists have suggested that his invention would come from discoveries of skeletons Protoceratops the shape of the skull reminiscent of a griffin.

Bronze manufactured to the lost wax, real marble base

Height: 22 cm - Width: 30 cm - Depth: 10.5 cm

Weight : 4,7 kgs

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