Product Info

Product Info

Royaldecorations sought for these companies manufacture the best art in the world, our partners have been selected for their experience of several years and the quality of their products.

Our furniture has been assembled ancient Egypt made ​​in the tradition of fine woodworking by craftsmen cabinetmakers, marble workers and bronze foundries using traditional methods. The choice of demanding quality wood and inlaid precious wood, the use of natural materials, combined with the know-how to bring your furniture in both beauty and durability.

Our bronze statues are made in China made ​​in lost wax, by real artists who make each piece a wax sculpture is then coated with a refractory mold, which is then broken to extract the bronze sculpture each piece is unique.

The garden furniture wrought iron and wrought iron accessories are made by blacksmiths art in China, the pieces are shaped in the forge fire or torch according to ancestral techniques using the hammer or stamp.

Our furniture and and lighting style are made ​​in Egypt, bronze statues, cast iron, terra cotta warriors of Xian, ceramics and porcelain in China, signed bronze statues are engraved the word reproduction or copy. All items are new. Tiffany lamps and lighting are manufactured in China using traditional methods using semi-translucent opalescent glass, due to its relative opacity glass is highly reflective. With natural or artificial light background, one obtains a captivating glow.


Bronze statue art deco

Manufacture of bronze statues.


Tiffany lamp

Manufacture of the Tiffany lamps.



Manufacture of the furniture art deco and style.



Manufacture of the warriors Xian in terracotta.