Art Deco Sofa

Art Deco Sofa

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The Art Deco sofa Paris is a luxurious furniture, rosewood and faux leather, it can be completed from his armchair art deco.

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Sofa Art Deco in marquetery of rosewood and leather cream.

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Sofa art deco in marquetry burl elm and leather cream.

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Art Deco Sofa

The art deco sofa as you wanted

An art deco lounge wins all its beauty with a sofa and fine wood veneers. Beautiful skin, such as shagreen, enhances your beautiful sitting. The legs are always quality. Right file wrapping, well-designed armrests: vintage sofa is a safe bet in interior design.

The comfort of the seat art deco

Folder, leather seat bottom: the art of the Roaring Twenties do not forget the comfort. Ornaments and abstract decors underscore the luxury and comfort of the seat.

You dream? Do it! Adopt this set of rest designed to offer comfort and luxury. A rectilinear volume supports the back. The orthogonal form invites you to relax with fine leather, leather imitations and handpicked furnishings. Rigour and geometry are combined with beautiful curves. The taste of history continues to be good at home, sitting comfortably in his living room. This contrasts with the seating design that is found in any other standard shop. The replica enhances any interior. It is good to stay home. Essential Art Deco are those that cater to everyone.

The beauty of varnished wood

Art deco sofa invites you in 1910, 1920 and 1930. The Roaring Twenties are terribly modern with their zigzag friezes and rafters. Never the wood was precious, with beautiful ornaments and a working single cabinet. The habitat is very stylish with unique lines that are found in typography or fashion. Yes, art deco is fashionable. And will remain so. Its shape, its color and its beautiful interior while order values. The sofa vintage wood finishes are delicate and sophisticated. They recall Cubism, the art of black Africa, the Orient and ancient Egypt. The dark plays with light wood species. Avant-garde and modernity make the beauty of your seat. It is not forbidden to dream.

Royal Decorations makes dreams possible. Discover a legendary art deco furniture with templates rebuilt identically. To you the beautiful proportions.