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Art deco sofa

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Art Deco Sofa Paris

The Art Deco sofa Paris is a luxurious furniture, rosewood and faux leather, it can be completed from his armchair art deco.

1,099.00 € *

Art deco sofa

Sofa Art Deco in marquetery of rosewood and leather cream.

648.00 € *

Art deco sofa

Sofa art deco in marquetry burl elm and leather cream.

649.00 € *
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Art deco sofa

Our collection offers art deco furniture for your living an art deco sofa, made from the seats of the art deco period.

The sofas are made of solid wood frames, which provide their high strength, they are upholstered in leather, fabric or imitation leather depending on the model.

You can with your sofa Art Deco design and create a comfortable together, combining your sofa art deco chair and coffee table art deco same wood species.