Buffet Empire

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Napoleon III style cabinet opening with two doors and two drawers.

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Empire Buffet boulle beautiful black lacquer decorated with gilded bronze, brass inlay and imitation tortoiseshell.

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Empire style buffet opening in front with 1 door and 1 drawer.
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Empire-style furniture Boulle marquetry inlaid with copper, brass and imitation tortoise shell.

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Empire Buffet style Boulle marquetry of brass and tortoiseshell imitation of a structure in black lacquered wood.

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Our furniture store offers you an Empire buffet made from antique Napoleon III furniture, inlaid with a Boulle marquetry made with bronze, brass and imitation of tortoiseshell scales, surmounted by a Genuine marble.

The Buffet Napoleon III is a piece of furniture that contrasts with the Louis XV or Louis XVI styles, in fact the marquetry Boulle is an inlay that uses different natural elements, with unique colors and intensities.

The buffet style Napoléon III in marquetry boulle

Formerly the Boulle marquetry is characterized by a tortoiseshell veneer combined with metal, usually brass and brass. It is a technique that appeared around the 16th century, but it was André-Charles Boulle (1642 - 1732) who undoubtedly mastered the technique of marquetry, and brought it to the pinnacle of its finesse and artistic creativity. Our boulle furniture is made in the same way as antique furniture, but since the turtle is a protected species, it was out of the question to use this element, which is why we asked our manufacturer to replace it in a synthetic way Which is also beautiful and is used today by all cabinetmakers.

Your Empire buffet can be completed with a collection of stylish furniture from our furniture store.

Buffet Empire
Buffet Empire