Mercury / Hermes flying - Statues bronze

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Bronze statue manufactured to the lost wax

Height: 22.5 cm - width: 6.5 cm - Depth: 9 cm

Weight: 0,9 kgs

Giambologna (Giovanni da Bologna in Italian), born Jean de Bologne or Boulogne jehan is a Mannerist sculptor of Flemish origin born in Douai in 1529 and died in Florence on August 14 bronze sculpture by Giambologna was conducted between 1564 and 1580. the original bronze statue is at the Bargello in Florence. In Greek mythology, Hermes is one of the gods of Olympus. He is the god of commerce, the guardian of roads and intersections, travelers, thieves, who guides the heroes are lucky, the conductor of souls in Hell, the messenger of the gods (Zeus in particular) and the inventor of weights and corresponding Mercury of the Romans, or MRSA armis among the Dacians, Scythians in arms, taaut to the Phoenicians, thot sarruma in Egypt and Anatolia.

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