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Chaise longue baroque

Chaise longue baroque

To offer you a Chaise longue baroque quality, we selected a small factory in Egypt, human size, we work with her directly to offer you the best price. Our partner uses quality materials, the frames are made of solid beech wood and white wood (abutments), the sculptures are hand-carved by artisans, who then perform the finishing carefully.

The seats are padded with foam and natural materials such as cotton and straw, they are supported by cloth straps and flat springs. The gilding and silver are made of sheet copper and gold or silver aluminum, imitating perfectly the gold and silver leaf. It would in any case possible to sell for a few hundred euros gilded with gold and silver couches.

The structure is made of a solid wood frame with old, each amount and crosses is maintained by assembling a tenon and a mortise, which gives it great strength. The Chairs sold in our store are all in stock, they are packed on wooden pallets of appropriate length.

Your Chaise longue baroque will be delivered within six days, on average 2-4 days of your department.