Mercury Attaching his Wings - reproduction of the work of Jean-Baptiste Pigalle

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Bronze manufactured to the lost wax, real marble base

Height: 47 cm - Width: 22 cm - depth: 20 cm

Weight: 8,6 kgs

Mercury Attaching his Wings - reproduction of the statue of Jean-Baptiste Pigalle in bronze.

Ready to jump the rock on which he sits, Mercury, messenger of the gods, attaches the heel winged which will enable him, with wings on his helmet, the petasus winged to take off.

Pigalle was admitted to the Academy in 1741 with a Mercury which he executed for his reception in 1744 . In 1742, the sculptor presented a plaster model of the much larger issue, paired with Venus, who were executed in marble for the king and given in 1750 to Frederick II of Prussia.

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